On average our price for:

Breakfast: $13/person
Lunch: $13/person
Dinner: $14/person

The prices do vary based on the details of our services.  We offer both all day/multi-day catering as well as the occasional single meal service.  See below for more details.

All day catering

This is what we prefer as it gives us a chance to showcase the full range of foods we use.  For all day catering we require a minimum of 2 meals (for ex. lunch & dinner) and 12 people.  We also are capable of catering for a maximum of 5 days and 60 people.

Our all day catering service includes:

  • Buffet service of meals & snacks
  • Coffee/tea is included with breakfast & snacks
  • Clean-up & maintenance of dishware/cups etc.

Depending on the event and location, an additional fee may be needed for delivery and rental gear.

Single meal catering

We occasionally provide single meals (only lunch or dinner).  This could be a special event like a wedding or birthday, or an office lunch.  For single meals we require a minimum 15 people (max. 50) and pricing varies depending on location and details.

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