What we are eating and where our food is coming from both impact our personal health and the environment tremendously; more so now then ever before in history.  Modern agricultural practices seemingly supply more food but at a huge expense that often gets overlooked or ignored.  Our services are in response to a society struggling with many diet-related illnesses and an environment in crisis, we feel that we are providing an alternative.

To learn more “educatering” is a free service we offer when we cater.  This can be a 5- 10 minute presentation (with or without a slideshow) which highlights some key issues around food and what we are specifically doing about them through “Conscious Catering”.  This conveys to a group, our mission to promote health and clarity through what we serve.

We also facilitate workshops or discussions specifically related to food, health and the environment.  Contact us for more details.


Relevant informative links and websites

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