What we serve

Seasonal fruits & vegetables, honey, maple syrup, sea vegetables, eggs, artisinal breads & cheeses

Fruits, vegetables, dried goods, spices, oils & dairy

Vegetarian (lacto-ovo, vegan or raw!)
Beans, whole grains, sprouts, avocados, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, eggs & cheese

Whole food cuisine
The foundation of what we serve is whole.  This includes whole grains, whole fruits and vegetables and whatever else we can source unrefined.

Quality is our priority.  We do our best to source all of our ingredients locally and/or organic before we choose anything else and when we can, we make it from scratch (or find someone nearby who does!).  Our mission is to support the health of whomever we feed and make the least impact on our environment while doing so.

Where we work

Primarily we are a mobile catering service.  This means that we often prepare our meals on-site for multiple meals (or days) and can do so in a variety of locations across the province.  We have worked out of kitchens in community centers, retreat/campground facilities and people’s homes.  Most of our work happens in the kitchens at Windhorse farm located 10 minutes from Bridgewater, in the South Shore region of NS.

We have catered for personal, educational, cultural, corporate and non-profit events or programs.
“Foods are more subtle in their action than an aspirin or shot of penicillin, but they undoubtedly act upon us.”

Rebecca Wood, The new whole foods encyclopedia


Serving local organic vegetarian whole food cuisine!