About us

Conscious Catering is our outlet of service.  It is our way to give back for all that we are grateful for in a way that feels wholesome.  To us it makes the most sense that this is through quality food.  Our mission is to feed people in a way that is both nourishing and inspiring.  We do our best to offer “food as medicine”, making healthy plant based meals that are abundant, satisfying and delicious.  Our philosophy is rooted in “no one diet fits all” and whatever people choose to eat, there is always room for more vegetables!  Our services include event catering, multiple day catering, wellness retreats, cooking classes & workshops.

Anke Kungl

Being raised on an organic vegetable farm and enriched by the farmers market community here in Nova Scotia has cultivated in me a deep appreciation for food integrity and for our many amazing local producers.  I am passionate about how foods can support a healthy vibrant life (and world) and take great pleasure in preparing food I believe in, while supporting the people who produce it.

Feeling drawn to celebrate life by feeding people nourishing foods I have happily made this my livelihood. Together with my husband Roberto we proudly partake in the deliverance of food from farm to table, making the transition as direct and multi-beneficial as possible.

We receive much satisfaction in providing groups with meals prepared with thoughtfulness and quality ingredients and are fueled by the positive response of people we feed. They validate our belief that food has the power to promote clarity and sustain energy, without neglecting to delight the senses.

Roberto Gueli

Food was never a great interest of mine until I made the connection, that my health was dependent on it.  Not knowing where to start, I began a series of experiments to improve my declining health by changing how I ate.

Knowing that I needed help, I decided to study holistic nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  After experiencing tremendous benefit by making intelligent changes with my diet and lifestyle, I now have a holistic nutrition consultation practice mainly servicing Nova Scotia (I also work with long distance clients).

I believe that human health and an ecologically sustainable lifestyle are intimately related.  I am committed to making healthy food choices available for events, conferences and programs that especially focus on positive change.

Serving local organic vegetarian whole food cuisine!